About Me

Do you think that words can ever be enough to describe anyone? They will always fall short. What you could do is describe the situations a person has been in and his/her multitude of reactions to it.

Every description, thus, does not really describe the person but his/her interactions. So, disregarding such descriptions we are really left with nothing but empty words for a nobody.

This blog documents the travels, adventures & misadventures of just another person who finds pleasure in traveling, seeing and experiencing new places, people and things and creating (copying actually) ideas, things.

With no final destination in mind there is nowhere to go to but to seek the joy of stillness and the pleasure of movement and to live without fear absolutely.

Now the same but with less drama.

I am currently an engineer working in Silicon Valley, California for the better part of the last decade and exploring the world in my spare time. I am a (in no particular order) travel, photography, videography, writing, music, motorcycle, philosophy enthusiast.

I hope to share with people whatever I can come up with and find time to document.

What about you?

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